Thanks Giving :D

Hola Girls !! 

Thanks Giving is here ūüėÄ and I’m back to share with smiles, more power and love to you.. Thank you ūüôā¬†

Its time for holidays, merry making and grand celebrations..Here are some ways to keep you up till the last day of celebrations..to bundle some very precious holiday memories..



Fend off Germs: Protect yourself from flu and other infections, Wash your hands often and drink lotsa water. Thanks giving.. the
¬†festival is all about sharing, you have your friends and cousins around you ready to share everything you drink and eat.. Its fun but germs can jump from body to body.. So beware before you take a sip or a bite from¬†someone-else’s..



Zero Egos:¬†Decorations, sparkling lights,¬†colorful¬†and yummy foods, music and noise..as you prepp up all these for the festival..you gotta prepp even your inner self..yes! this is more important than external glory.. Comments and teasing is part and part of fun(until its not worse), prepp your mind with zero ego, ‘we are here to celebrate and just have fun and not to fight’ ¬†Chill yourself from all past ego-fights you had with you friends and cousins, mingle with the gathering..and have all happy memories. ¬†Lets recollect this line.. ‘Let’s forgive as we are forgiven’¬†

Dearest, if you are PMSing stay away from caffeine (it will make you jumpy and anxious)


Share your joy:¬†Exchanging of gifts – Whatever be the gift take it with a smile and thank from the heart. Just remember its the ‘joy’

which you are wrapping in the form of a gift and give and take.. let your wraps signify your true feelings and greet everyone with your best wishes.. mmmm you can make cards and even create your own greetings, It will add more fun to your celebration. Involve yourself in the preppng work..decorations and all, help your parents and older siblings..you will be blessed in return.


Eat Healthy: Festive foods are high in calories and low on nutrition. Make it a priority to eat five or more fruits and vegetables a day

(choose the whole fruit instead of juice so you feel full longer and avoid added sugar). Have healthy snacks. And don’t give your exercise routine a holiday. Exercise gives you energy in addition to burning calories. Don’t let the winter cold freeze your body and give cramps..Exercise and stay fit.




Chill:¬†“Can I afford it?” “Will it be perfect?” Even things we look forward to, like parties or gifts, can come with worries attached. ¬†If you feel stressed out, stop what you’re doing for just a moment. Take five deep breaths ‚ÄĒ all-the-way-down-to-your-belly deep. Concentrate on each breath as you inhale and exhale. Walk over to a window and look out at the sky. Then go back to what you were doing, realizing that holiday drama will happen. Just hope it leaves you with some great stories to tell..



Get some Z’s:¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Getting 8¬Ĺ to 9 hours of sleep a night¬†can help strengthen your immune system,

give you more energy, and make you less vulnerable to stress.


Click pics, share your joys..Forget about the tough stuff for a while (except for your safety, of course ‚ÄĒ be sure someone knows where you are and watch out for drunk drivers)

Enjoy your holidays.. Happy Thanks Giving !! Stay blessed ūüôā

¬† [ Sources: teenhealth, RD’s Foods that harm and Foods that heal. ]


How everybody hates to do something they don’t want to..Wish everybody could be assigned with only those tasks they like and are willing to do. But its highly impossible. Your likes and dislikes are not known to everybody and least they are interested. Most feel themselves more welcomed to find faults with, some take an another step and start correcting. I know this won’t please one, not always. You may call it¬† I-AM-THE-BOSS¬†attitude.

If you are new to performing a particular task, you need someone who can guide(help) you, not somebody like a wannabe freaky leader..dominating and commanding what-to-do and what-not-to.  Knowingly or unknowingly you have been a victim to this cruelty at your workplace. Someone ruled (or is ruling you). You never had the guts to face him/her and ask to shut their stinky mouth.

I completely agree to the fact that we gotta correct when we are wrong, but not when told this way..commanding (or even reprimanding). Not everyone is good at guiding, but everybody is quick to take the leadership and rule. They are sick! Why can’t a person be quick to guide/help and slow to lead?

This might help-¬†Every time¬†there’s a need to correct someone, tell two nice things about them. . How good they were in the previous tasks and what aspects you felt as appreciable in that and this? Their strong points earlier and now. . How can they work on the weak points and now start your so called correction lecture.

It’s the same old trick of polishing the Diamonds till they achieve the brilliance and sparkle and be regarded as the finest quality.

¬†A CUT ABOVE¬ģ Hearts require much more time, effort and skill..the result- It outshines all other Diamonds, expressing the complete beauty of the gem within.

 When you are quick to help and slow to lead, apparently your subordinate will be quick to learn. While climbing an uphill without any practice or training, its natural for everyone to stumble, take a fall and fall behind in the race, where as for an expert its a cake walk. Keep your attention on reaching the goal, and not on how many falls you took and how cruelly you were corrected. Your efforts will not be unpaid, if you keep your spirits high and focus focus till you reach the success, speak up when you have reasons to explain what-whys. Your sporting skills come to your aid, when you feel low. You are worthy enough, hence you are assigned with this task. Try and do your best.

My dear girly readers,

Sometimes feelings can’t be expressed in limited words, and silence is dangerous.. A girl has to be very out going, bubbly and cute at talking (no smartness please). Being or acting smart, you directly or indirectly put down someone to gain the other hand.

May be I can give a better example on this, you find a group of girls (2 girls)  talking..blabbering, gossiping whatever at a socializing event, go and interrupt them asking for directions or a casual introduction..

You may see either of these two reactions:

1. Not more-than one would be hyperactive and answerable to you. The one who starts conversing, thinks she is smart and knows everything better than the other..and fails to realize the other is being silent to let her speak or thinks she is not answerable to every stranger that passes by..

Here you find two kinds of personality traits..one is chirpy and talkative, the other is silent and patient..

2. One turns to you to know what you are there for, and answers you involving the other girl to speak. Hence, both of them speak for almost equal amount of time clearing things off  and leave the place..

Your observations here could be like..zero egos, cheering someone up, kind and thoughtful.

Confidence lies inside you, its an inner being making you tough and strong from inside..where as intelligibility and spontaneity are pushed out by the self-confidence inside. So, when this confidence levels rise high..the outcome is intense strength in the form of pride, over-smartness, egoism..and fickleness.

Confidence must be in balance, in accordance with the situations and never conditioned or restricted or commanded by somebody-else. It’s good to read and share about personality traits, but one should have one of their own and unique from the rest. True feelings can be shown being yourself than trying to be somebody else to win the situation.

Remember, every personality has got that tincture of ¬†‘winsome’- ness. But not everybody wins, cause they fail to balance those elements that expose their true self to the world.

Words are limited but silence is dangerous..work on it, limited words with a pinch of confidence..can make you an impeccable personality.

May your life be filled with overdose of Love..

Salutes to the femininity in you..

First Love..

I always wanted to write something very innocent, harmless, painless but full of  love and finally.. gave it a try!!

He was the guy, who stopped and starred at me..

starred into my eyes..without a blink.

He was the one who talked to me..

talked to me..all the day and night.

He said  you are the only girl i talk to..

When I asked, why only me..

he told.. I’m special, different from the rest..

unique in everything I do,  and cause I write lovely poems,

and the words I wrote touched his heart..

¬†he said ¬†‘I wanna stay closer to you..

closer to you..always!!

for I was just fifteen..

I was scared of guys like him,

I was being careful..for I didn’t wanna take a fall..

but I couldn’t help myself,¬†

when he finally asked it again and again..

he was knocking my heart’s door,¬†

asking me to let him in…

I jerked..

I said a no..then a yes!

He was very happy, for he won..

..and promised would never leave me alone, 

we planned our future like nothing would change

We made a cool pair in school and college, 

We shared everything..and fought like siblings! 

Life was a perfect picture and we posed to those flashing lights..



      You waved me a sad good bye..
and had let me go..

But in the rear view mirror,
I can see your image clearer..
you are behind..watching me drive away

You have let me go…but its not just me,
Its not just me who you had let go..There is more you didn’t care to know..

Its the promises and commitments, wishes and dreams, and everything that held us together..


Baby don’t you think.. Love matters above everything..

Aren’t these mistakes and blunders, lies and flaws…too less before the love we have?

Doesn’t love matter above everything?

Caution: strictly for girls..


Elloww..my gurlly readers!! He being an exception, hope everything else is fine with you ūüėČ

hmmmmmm. . .I know the relationship(relationshit) and the melodrama sucks..Yes I do! However you try moulding and bringing them on track, men are men..they just can’t, they are born with this bledy assholiness. Whatever…try being as sweet as possible, let him shout and go mad..you keep up your sweetness. Its up to him, if he realizes or not..

¬†¬† For all those sweeties who are frustrated and can’t take the bitterness love is bringing on…Just break up and move on..Its not easy but you must!

Kudos to all those who really did it.. Please don’t lock yourself and get depressed, you are the victorious princess..you fought that beast and finally won..enjoy this freedom. And… if you really need, here are a few tips to get over a break up, they may help you….

1) Dress up as if its your birthday everyday…
Shopping is every girl’s favourite hobby, so..now that you have got time and money in the wallet(cause you don’t spend money and time on him anymore), Goo(rush) for shopping..Its a chance to work on your dressing skills. He might have spent on your shopping before and may have even made the choices and selection, now its your turn..you are a girl and you know what suits you the best and you can pay for it(self-dependancy)..he needn’t have to indulge and guide applying his duo mind..

2)Make better use of time…
C’mon you have wasted enough time on that shit guy, make a daily or a weekly or a monthly planner of things to be done..and do them with all your heart, it will really soothen you and makes you feel more focussed…If you still have time left over, work on your hobbies..those things which you left out cause of him, take some classes..like if you are artistic and creative..just go and enroll yourself in some institutes related to your field of interest, you not only can mend your skills but can meet people of common interests..if you like languages, learn your favourite ones, if you are a writer..start writing now, yes you can, never say never.. Bring out the best in you..

3)Make your parents your besties..

Enough its enough now, you forgot those two beautiful people in this world, who love you first and the most..mom and dad. All these days cause of that bledy fool, you never spent proper time..they need you, talk to them..share everything with them, make them your besties. They are the greatest support in life you can ever have. They know you morethan you have known yourself in all these years. Love and care for them, the way they pamper and care for you..you will fall madly in love with them..and let the childish side of you be out..nothing wrong, its always cooL to be daddy’s princess..

4)Give time for yourself..
All the precious time had been wasted on bulshit..now, give time for yourself think..n explore your inner self! Work out on things you always wanted to..from now, you represent yourself not as someone’s girlfriend but as who you really are..

be self confident, self dependant and focussed..be the beautiful you…..

And so you chose a way..away from me
You are there standing at my door starring at me..
I don’t want to show you the pain within
I don’t want you to change your mind for me
I don’t want you to look behind

If at all I wanted to..

I would’ve grabbed your hand and stopped you and pulled you near

I would’ve asked you..about those broken promises..broken dreams and the unfinished chapters of my love story and the incomplete me. .

But noo baby no I don’t

Glad that u had taken a chance.. Moved on without complaining..
Replaced me with her
Lastly..You had put me down, yet
made me realize you are not the one.. Not my Mr.Right..noo Not my prince charm..noo not worthy to have me..

You are wrong..assuming you broke my heart
Dude you aren’t worthy to be in there..
How stupid you are to think of breaking it ever!

You are just not worth it..
Its not a heart break, its just that negligible pricks in my heart..which didn’t hurt me actually..

It didn’t hurt me..it didn’t fade my smiles

This is what you call a ‘happy late realization’?